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3 Creative & Trendy Ideas for Setting the Christmas Table This Year

It’s time to get cozy … and creative!

This time we're taking on the Christmas table. The epicenter of festive cheer within the home.

Are you ready to learn how to make a Christmas spread with some extremely easy DIYs, ornaments, and serving dishes?

Let’s get to it! From Euro Ceramica to you …

Creative Ideas for Setting the Christmas Table

Cozy Hygge Table: Play with Plaid

You’re going to see this creative Christmas table spread idea everywhere this year. It’s simple, effective, and cozy. So, make family and guests feel snug, warm, and merry with this easy setup—no fuss required! Start with a plaid tablecloth. Layer on the plaid napkins next to your bowls (bonus points if you use Euro Ceramica dishware like Zanzibar pictured below!), and line your seats with plaid blankets. Add some green decorations and place them around your serving dishes to make the plaid pop and really bring this adorably quaint and rustic look together.

Inside Out: Back to Nature

Speaking of greens, nature-inspired winter décor is right on trend this Christmas.

Consider going out side, enjoying some fresh air, and then scavenge for pinecones, tree branches, and/or thoroughly-cleaned feathers to add a woodland motif to your table. Dried orange slices are also a stunning addition perfect for the season especially since they give a subtle citrus scent. 

Centerpieces: Some Christmas Pizzazz

We've got the foundational items -- plaid cloth, blankets, dishware, serving dishes, and nature-based items -- and the final step is a centerpiece! For this we recommend one of two ideas... 

Idea 1: Grab your recycled glass tornado bowl and stack multi-textured ornaments on it. 

Neutral tones are trending right now, so consider cracking out your golden and wooden based ornaments to complement the nature motifs and cozy hygge patterns. 

Idea 2: Get your DIY on with decorative Christmas trees! 

We love this simple DIY activity from Nicole at Adorn The Table. All it takes are a few dollar store items and you'll be well on your way with this project. Read more about it here.

Cotton added to pot of styrofoam Christmas tree

The Bottom Line

At Euro Ceramica, we believe decorating the Christmas table can be both visually stunning and simple to put together. 

Enjoy your very own magical mealtime this Christmas; and if you try out some of these table-setting ideas, we'd love to see it! Tag us @euroceramicainc on your social media platform of choice! And, of course, to really top off your creative spread, check out our reliable and high-quality serving dishes and dinnerware that’ll last for many Christmases to come!

Merry Christmas!

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