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Commitment to authentic artistry is one of the driving forces behind Euro Ceramica's mission. We ensure a high level of quality and craft by carefully selecting factories around the world whose work and values align with ours, and we work to maintain a close bond with these teams through asynchronous work and travel.

With the new acquisition of a factory contract in recent months, we sent some of our team members across the pond to visit that factory, as well as a nearby one, in Italy, a country filled with rich history, delicious cuisine, and awe-inspiring artistry. Here’s what they saw and learned…

Factory One: The Art of Relief Embossing Carried Across Generations

The first stop was at our newest factory location, where our team was immersed in the world of embossing and relief craftsmanship. This factory, led by a passionate young owner, specializes in creating items adorned with intricate relief patterns. It is the birthplace of some of our new and recently announced collections, including the enchanting Pumpkin Leaf and festive Reindeer Cheer.

The owner graciously guided us through each step of the production, discussing the skills and insights passed down through generations. Within a mere 2 hour window, our team witnessed the fusion of tradition and innovation, from raw material preparation to the delicate embossing process. After such an incredible spectacle, our team journeyed to the factory’s showroom, gathering more inspiration for exciting collaborations with this Italian company.

Factory Two: Behind-The-Scenes Of Our Wegmans-Exclusive Collections

The second leg of our team’s trip involved a week-long immersion into the factory responsible for crafting our Wegmans-exclusive dinnerware lines. During this extended stay, our team witnessed and documented the factory's daily workings, gaining a profound understanding of the masterful craftsmanship that goes into each piece.

From the initial stages of raw material preparation, pressing, and slip casting to the delicate art of bisque firing, glazing, and final quality checks, every phase was a testament to the precision and skill coming from this production team.

There is something genuinely indescribable about watching a master artisan working steadily at their craft, and our team was left speechless watching artists showcase their expertise–including one such painter who specialized in adorning ceramics with the paints and textures that transformed a vessel of clay into an oyster shell tray.

Leaving the factory, our team felt a wave of positivity, and we are excited about the prospect of expanding our assortment of collections in 2024 and beyond to truly bring all the fantastic gifts the world has to offer to your table. These factories are not just places of production; they are living legacies where craftsmanship and passion converge to create timeless pieces just for you.

Behind every Euro Ceramica piece lies a story of tradition, innovation, and the unwavering dedication of skilled hands. It is an honor and a privilege to amplify these artists and provide their work with a home in the hearts of many.

Be sure to stay tuned for the reveal of our new collections in 2024, inspired by the artistry our team witnessed in the heart of Italy. Thank you for joining us on this journey.

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