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Welcome to Crete.

Part of the Greek islands, Crete is a lovely destination–and it comes with a rich history: from the Minoans to the Mycenaeans, from rule by Rome to rule under the Ottoman Empire. Crete achieved independence from the Ottomans in 1898 and officially became part of Greece in 1913.

Come along with us as we tour this beautiful island (and if you like the aesthetic of Greek life, we have the perfect serving dishes for you!):

Tourism Destinations in the Greek Islands

In Greece, tourism composes almost 20% of its GDP (and that number goes upward to 80% for islands like Crete). It is a thriving tourist hotspot, but remember to travel responsibly! This includes booking with local small business owners, eating and buying locally, and avoiding big chain resorts and restaurants. (Learn more in the resources section at the bottom of this post!)

That said, there is no shortage of things to do in Crete. They have something for everyone: outdoorsy people can hike in the aptly-named white mountains, sunbathing lovers can experience the crystal-clear waves of Balose beach, and history buffs can visit the ancient Minoan ruins like The Palace of Knossos.

Music and art lovers can enjoy the Greek island’s traditions, including Matinades folk music and traditional apparel of knee-high boots, vraka breeches, a black shirt, and a black scarf worn on the head or draped over the shoulders.).

Foodies and photographers can also walk through Chania’s Old Town for effortlessly stunning photoshoots and serving dishes full of fresh Mediterranean food.

A Laid Back Destination

A key cornerstone to Greek culture, especially in the islands, is taking things slowly. Its proximity to beaches and tendency towards older conventions makes for a laidback culture--especially in rural areas. Combining this with the affordable cost of living (compared to other European countries) and the opportunity to gain residence through real estate investments makes residing there an attractive option, especially for retirees.

One of our favorite parts about the Greek islands is their understated yet eye-catching homes. Instead of being boldly painted, they are generally a single muted shade and are naturally complemented by plants, painted wood, and stone.

As for Euro Ceramica's Stunning Serving Dishes and Dishware...

If the culture and aesthetic of Greece are appealing–and you want to incorporate more of Crete's simple, laid-back culture into your home–you might just enjoy Euro Ceramica’s White Essentials collection, allowing your food and decor to complement your kitchen and home naturally.


And while you’re at it, channel some summer beach vibes by serving up this delicious Limonana recipe in our Fez Glassware.


Note: Information for this post on Greece comes from Responsible Travel. https://www.responsiblevacation.com/vacations/greece/travel-guide/responsible-tourism-in-greece

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