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Zanzibar 3-Piece Stoneware Stackable Storage Bowls Set

Immerse yourself in the vibrant essence of the Zanzibar Collection with our new 3 Piece Storage Bowl Set, where exceptional functionality blends with the lively spirit of the south of Spain.

Step away from mundane glass and plastic storage options with our Zanzibar Storage Bowls, meticulously crafted from natural, non-toxic stoneware.

Each bowl from this best-selling collection is a canvas of colorful blue, red, yellow, and white designs, decorated to reflect the lively patterns inspired by the picturesque landscapes of southern Spain.

Perfect for a variety of uses from storing to warming in the microwave these bowls will expand your meal storage options with a burst of color.

Find new expression with this vibrantly embellished stoneware storage bowls. Rich, colorful and artisan inspired; reflecting characteristics of the South of Spain.

Zanzibar is a great addition to everyday décor or special occasion parties. Part of the beloved Zanzibar collection, the storage bowl set is excellent for storing freshly prepared meals in sealing air-tight bowls with plastic lids.

Now available as a set with 3 storage bowl sizes: small, medium, and large.

Set Includes:

1 Large Storage Bowl 7.3” x 7.3” x 3.11”; 42oz

1 Medium Storage Bowl 6" x 6" 2.8"; 26oz

and 1 Small Storage Bowl 5" x 5" x 2.3"; 14oz

Made in China

Zanzibar 3-Piece Stoneware Stackable Storage Bowls Set