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Behind-The-Scenes: How Euro Ceramica's Founders Met

Euro Ceramica's founder, Nicolas, and his wife, Joanna, have a love story that sounds like it was written in the stars if we do say so ourselves (and we do!).

Their paths first crossed in 2009 while at the largest trade show in China. There, Joanna had a booth showing her ceramic factory's products, mainly stoneware bakeware and serveware. Nicolas briefly stopped by her booth, but the interaction was fleeting as he then moved on to the next one after exchanging contact information with her sales manager.

Once the tradeshow came to a close, Nicolas received an email from Joanna’s sales manager with a price sheet for a potential partnership. From there, Joanna’s team and Nicolas began regular communication, and while Joanna wasn’t directly involved in these conversations, she was always in the loop. Over a year later, Nicolas finally decided to send an inquiry about having Euro Ceramica’s Zanzibar dinnerware set produced by Joanna’s factory.

Their first official meeting finally arrived at the beginning of 2011, when a sudden change in travel plans brought Joanna to the same show as Nicolas in Chicago. Joanna and her team visited Nicolas’ showroom, and upon talking with each other, Nicolas and Joanna felt like they had found the missing parts of themselves.

With their shared experiences in entrepreneurship and a will to overcome any roadblocks on the way to success, Joanna and Nicolas found connection and support in each other, so they built a home in the United States and started life anew together.

Joanna believes that their meeting in 2011 was written into her life long before the year ever arrived, and the force of the universe brought them together. In fact, all the way back in 1998, when Joanna created her first personal email, her password randomly included the year 2011 in it–almost as though some part of her knew that 2011 would be a special year in her life. And it was.

Today, Joanna and Nicolas continue to build their life and love together, sharing their passion for the art of ceramics with the world and displaying a commitment to bettering themselves and those around them. Their teamwork has made Nicolas and Joanna more resilient and experienced–not only in business but also in life. They both believe nothing is impossible for a human being as long as they have the will to do it. Their story is one of love and fate, which is a testament to the fact that the perfect opportunity comes when you least expect it. 



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