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Halloween Dinner Ideas: Dishes, Decor, and Delights Galore! 

It's that time of year again. A season of change--the leaves are shifting color, the air is becoming sharper, and the cravings for pumpkin spice are becoming louder. Yes, autumn is officially upon us, and with it comes Halloween. Have you selected your costume yet? Are you ready for some tips to beautify your upcoming Halloween dinner party with stunning serving dishes, decor, and activities? Let's get into it. 

Euro Ceramica's Euro Essentials Collection

The Table: Tablecloths, Serving Dishes, Bowls, and Cups

A Halloween dinner party is not complete without dinner. And a Halloween dinner is not complete without a spooky tablescape. 

Start by creating the canvas of your soon-to-be masterpiece by placing a table cloth down (preferably black or orange)--bonus points if you have a complementary runner to top it off with! 

Next, review what types of dishes will be served. Will you be going all out on a 5-course dinner? Or perhaps a potluck? Account for what you'll need: forks, spoons, plates, bowls, serving dishes, dessert plates, etc. 

If you are doing lots of themed foods with extra care given to their spooky appearance, consider balancing the details with our sleek Euro Essentials dinnerware. Your food will pop, and all the attention will be on the time you put into making cute little appetizers.

If you're going for delicious food without the extra fluff, you can balance it with a more eye-catching design like that found in our Euro Ceramica Nile collection! The black or terracotta sets will surely bring the meal to life in all its spooky glory. 

The final piece of the dinnerware setting is the cups. We recommend checking out our stunning Fez goblets for that to add an extra sense of class to the table! 

Euro Ceramica's Fez Glassware Collection

The Decor: Complement Your Euro Ceramica Dishes 

Once the table is set, the next step is decorations! Crack out your candles--especially the tapered ones--to establish a cozy yet witchy mood. Fill some opaque vases with dry ice, and scatter candy bowls around the table. Top it all off with name cards -- if you want to get extra fancy with them, we're obsessed with these ideas from Nicole at Adorn The Table.

You're sure to find tons of ideas for DIY decor online, so go out and have fun with it! Take the challenge to the next level by trying to upcycle as much as possible rather than going out and buying everything new. 

Final Halloween DIY Cheesecloth ghost on a black plate holding a black name card

The Event: Enjoy Time With Your Loved Ones 

What's a party without some fun games to play? 

If your party will be enjoying the presence of little ones, try playing traditional favorites like getting bowls to bob for apples or setting up a game of 'pin the tail on the black cat.' Both are fun activities for adults and a sensory experience for the kids! 

If your party will consist of your adult loved ones and friends, and you want ideas that are a little more low-key, set up a table with tarot cards, palm reading instructions, or a crystal ball, and let your guests try their hand at fortune telling. And, of course, no adult Halloween party is complete without a screening of a classic horror movie. Serve some popcorn in your Euro Ceramica serving bowls, turn off the lights, and get ready for a night of scares. 

Regardless of who is coming to your party: One of the best parts about Halloween is getting dressed up in costumes! Encourage your guests to come in their best costumes by having a contest with prizes for the best, most creative, and funniest costumes. It's easy for adults to take the backseat and stop putting effort into costumes, so this is an excellent way to really get them into the Halloween spirit! 

The End 

So whether you're looking for a fun and festive table setting, some spooky games, or some DIY décor ideas, we hope you found inspiration from our Halloween dinner ideas. 

Get out there and start planning your Halloween party today! And if you feel so inclined to bring Euro Ceramica dinnerware to the event, be sure to tag us on social media @euroceramicainc. We'd love to see what you come up with! 

Happy Halloween from the Euro Ceramica team!

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