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Euro Ceramica's Nile Collection


Art Highlight: Spooky Paintings and Painting-Inspired Dishes

Among the most famous works of art, Edvard Munch's "The Scream" often makes its way to the top of any list. In this Halloween edition of Euro Ceramica's art highlights, we'll talk about the story and context around "The Scream" and introduce (or re-acquaint) you to some of our bowls and dishes that have painting-inspired designs. 

The Artist 

Edvard Munch, born in the mid-1800s, was a Norwegian painter and printmaker whose evocative and psychological art built upon the already-established Symbolism art movement and greatly influenced the development of German Expressionism. In fact, Edvard Munch was an important forerunner of expressionistic art. 

As is so often the case with artists throughout history, Munch's life was scattered with illness and tragedy, which is reflected in his work. Haunted by the fear of inheriting a mental disorder that ran in his family, Munch was encouraged by his mentor, Hans Jaeger, to paint these feelings and experiences found within his psyche. Munch's paintings are known for their symbolic use of color and their graphic quality--especially that of his famous painting, "The Scream." 

One aspect of Munch's life that strayed from the familiar pattern of other famous artists throughout history is that he found fame while still alive. Driven by acceptance, exposure, and wealth, Munch ended his later years in peace and privacy. 

The Art 

Munch's inspiration for "The Scream" was found in Kristiania (now Oslo, Norway). While on a sunset walk, he "heard the enormous, infinite scream of nature." This sense of angst, heard and felt by Munch himself, comes forward through the central figure in the painting, with a face contorted into that of, well, a scream. 

The initial reception of this work was not necessarily well-received. Some even took offense at its dark theme. Nevertheless, "The Scream" has become one of the most recognized paintings in the world. The morbid, unsettling image of a man screaming has been discussed, interpreted, and parodied more than any other work of art. It has inspired countless artistic works and a variety of pop culture references. It has been on display in the Munch Museum in Oslo since 1963 and is one of the most visited museums in Norway.

Euro Ceramica's Raia Collection

The Art-Inspired European Dishes and Bowls 

If you're an art enthusiast with a penchant for the painting aesthetic, you might fall in love with a few of our paint-inspired Euro Ceramica collections: PinturaNile, and Raia

In our Pintura and Nile collection, you find the rawest form of the painting medium, as depicted by paint drops. This creative, color-pop style of dishware is a fun addition to any Halloween dinner. 

The Raia collection, on the other hand, features colors similar to "The Scream," and the pattern is accomplished with our artisans hand painting the dishes on a pottery wheel. 

Whether you're looking for a spooky Halloween decor or an aesthetic that reflects your interest in painting, you're sure to find that these dishes are designed to work well in a variety of settings and are perfect for any occasion. Bring home your dream Euro Ceramica collection today!

Euro Ceramica's Pintura Collection

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