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Ahhh, Zanzibar. A stunning island in the Tanzanian archipelago. A muse for our Zanzibar collection, it is a region with a rich variety of habitats: from tropical forests to sandy beaches; from rocky mangrove coasts to coral reefs; and from strikingly-blue oceanside to rich, red earth. With this quick overview, you will come to understand why our everyday dishes get their namesake from this land.

For a considerable part of its history, Zanzibar was a trade port specializing in spice trades. Nowadays, however, the island enjoys an economy built on agriculture, fishing, and tourism. The climate is perfect for growing crops like cloves, coconuts, rice, yams, fruit, and more. And, of course, fishing as an economic cornerstone simply makes sense, given that Zanzibar is an island!

This island was initially home to two indigenous tribes: the Hadimu and the Tumbatu. However, after Arab settlers arrived, the population began to mix and change. Zanzibar locals today speak an Arabicized form of Swahili called “Kiswahili”.

With introductions out of the way, let’s dive deeper into the amazing experiences you’ll find if you visit the lovely island travel destination of Zanzibar. You’ll learn why we simply had to develop a unique dinnerware set based on the region.


The first thing you need to know is that you will never be at a loss for things to do and places to see in Zanzibar. But since this article must come to an end at some point, we’ll simply provide a few examples:

1) If you want to get out and see all the sites, you can take a biking tour through the seaside village of Nungwi. After you’ve had your fill, you can continue on to explore the 16th-century Portuguese ruins and take a dip in a tidal pool to cool off. Finally, you can wrap up a breathtaking day by exploring Zanzibar’s coral caves.

2) If you like to admire the arts, you can start by visiting local craftspeople fashioning equipment for boats and weaving baskets for storage. You can also visit the textile workshops where Zanzibari people dye textiles and transform them into clothing. (And to get a peek into the design inspiration of our Zanzibar everyday dishes, stop by a woodworking shop to see Arab-style doors being carved!)

3) If you’re a cuisine connoisseur, pay a visit to Stone Town and catch the Darajani Market where they sell an assortment of fresh produce and seafood. In the evening, come hungry for the Forodhani Night Food Market.

4) If you’re a souvenir seeker, you’ll want to join your cuisine connoisseurs in Stone Town. There are numerous local shops selling anything from paintings to fabrics to Maasai jewelry. Bring home Zanzibari spices or wooden, carved animals to delight your family!

As always, we highly encourage our traveling-inclined community members to make their travels to island destinations as eco-friendly as possible. This includes: shopping local to support the agricultural industry, avoiding big-name luxury hotels that take away from small business owners, walking and biking around as a primary mode of transportation, and enjoying cultural tours offered by local guides.


All of our unique dinnerware sets are inspired by different locations around the world. After falling in love with a new place, Euro Ceramica founders Nicolas and Joanna commission local artisans to design dishes that capture the essence of their homeland. This is also the case for our Zanzibar collection.

With vibrant blues, earthy reds, and sandy yellows, the color palette evokes the very nature of Zanzibar’s climate. The florals and flourishes call back to the popular Arab-style woodworking techniques of the Zanzibari people.

At some point in your life, you’ve likely heard a phrase similar to "form over function" or “form follows function”. But here at Euro Ceramica, we don’t make compromises on quality or design.

In fact, a guiding principle behind the design of our products is always finding the perfect combination of elements that provide both form AND function. Our dishes don't have to be put in cold storage until the next grand celebration -- they can resiliently adorn your table as everyday dishes.

The accessories and serving plates of the collection are made of glazed and fired Earthenware. This lighter material makes it easier for passing dishes and sharing food during gatherings. The actual dinnerware pieces of the collection, however, are made of high-quality stoneware. This material is heavier and sturdier, supporting more regular usage for individual portions.

The thick layer of protective glaze makes clean-up hassle-free and extends the life of the product, making it dishwasher and microwave safe. The stoneware pieces are also freezer-safe. Every element of the collection is designed with beauty, symbolism, and practicality in mind. Amazing, isn't it? That's why Zanzibar is one of our best sellers!




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