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(Dishware collections featured above in order from left to right: Euro Essential, White Essential, Charlotte, Blue Garden, Alecante (Discontinued), Galicia, Sympatico, Calarama (Discontinued))



Red is associated with energy, strength, power, determination, passion, desire, and love. It enhances metabolism, increases respiratory rate, and raises blood pressure. As a bold color, red attracts attention more than any other color. An excellent accent to gatherings with themes of boldness and romance.


Orange contains red and yellow, and its effect is reflected as a combination of both: boldness and strength, optimism and hope. This is an extroverted color that encourages people to socialize, open up, and experience greater self-confidence. Its agreeable nature makes orange an excellent addition to most gatherings.



As hinted at in the prior section, yellow is tied to optimism, hope, cheerfulness, happiness. It encourages a sense of positivity and creativity. In fact, the brain releases more serotonin when a person is surrounded by the color yellow. Yellow is a wonderful color to include in celebrations, painting classes, and any other gathering where you would want to boost the mood and creativity.



Green is associated with nature, relaxation, peace, and harmony. The components of green are yellow and blue, providing green with a sense of optimism, hope, and serenity. These aspects lead green to be a very stabilizing and balancing color. It's an excellent addition for tea parties, book club meet-ups, and more.



A parent color to green, blue reflects calmness, peace, and orderliness. Blue has been shown to lower blood pressure, slow heart rate, and cause the body to relax. However, this also means that it reduces the appetite (a beneficial feature for those seeking to lose weight, interestingly). Blue is a perfect accent to gatherings where the variety of foods are light and minimal, such as a brunch or mid-afternoon party.



Purple is an especially striking color due to its relationship to both the boldness of red and the tranquility of blue. As such, purple is often associated with nobility, royalty, wisdom, and dignity. These traits make purple a strong backbone for more formal gatherings, such as receptions.



Black can be a polarizing color depending on its context. In decor, black functions to harmonize a space, evoking power and mystery--but also calm. When used as an accent to other colors, black can be very grounding and sophisticated. It is also an excellent color for formal events, but also for parties with excitingly bright tones that could use some grounding.



In terms of the light spectrum, white contains every color. It represents perfection, integrity, and purity. It brings with it a sense of new beginnings, paper waiting to be written upon. White provides openness and freedom to a space, and its composition of the rainbow makes it perfect for any situation.



Now that you are more familiar with the significance of each color, you can confidently go forward and create amazing color palettes with your decorations in advance of parties to evoke the desired mood and provide the best experience for your guests.


NOTE: This color theory information is from Cognitive Psychologist Hailey Van Braam

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