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We aim to draw colorful images from European travels and bring them to the kitchen table to enhance the way you enjoy your meals. But how do you extend the lifespan of these picturesque dishes?

Follow these tips on how to care for your tableware sets.

Dinnerware, like many other items in your home, calls for a great after-care routine, just like your favorite houseplant or a figurine. Taking good care of these sets prevents any scratches, chips, or breaks.

Most of our dinnerware sets like Zanzibar and Duomo are made from stoneware, which is a stone-like material fired at high temperatures, which leads to the material becoming nonporous.

We made our White Essential collection from ceramic, which has a chip-resistant nature with a smooth finish.

Cleaning Your Ceramics

Most of our dinnerware collections are oven, microwave, and dishwasher safe–great for your everyday use. After each use, wash and dry the products thoroughly.

For a healthy and efficient cleaning, hand washing the dishes avoids the chances of your items potentially chipping or breaking in the dishwasher–because we know accidents happen.

Preferring a hand wash also can clear any residue a dishwasher may miss.

When washing the tableware, keep in mind to avoid any abrasive sponges or brushes as it can create excessive scratching.

To get rid of persistent leftover food naturally, sit your dish in warm water for a few minutes.

Do not use abrasive detergents as it can bring to permanent damage to your ceramics.

Once you’ve completed your hand clean, allow the tableware to air dry before storing them.

Store the dishes in a safe and dry environment to prevent any sudden breaks or falls.

To Polish or Not to Polish

Polishing isn’t necessary for your products since most of our products are made from stoneware.

Our stoneware products each contain an in glaze decal–which is a thick-nontoxic coat of transparent glaze that protects the pattern and color of your plates and bowls.

Therefore, only washing and drying your dining set will give it a nice and polished shine without the hassle.

Handle With Care

Porcelain has a similar aftercare routine to stoneware since it is still microwave, dishwasher and oven safe.

Yes, we suggest handling your porcelain products with extra care.

Similar to stoneware, wash and handle your porcelain products with care. A hand wash is also recommended to avoid any extraneous damages to your favorite dinnerware sets.

Luckily, our porcelain products are chip-resistant which provides a worry-free clean-up each time.

Avoid Thermal Shock

It is very necessary to avoid abrupt temperature changes to prevent your tableware from thermal shock. Thermal shock may cause immediate breakage.

We make some of our accessories from earthenware which has an artisan characteristic of its appearance–a crafty, rustic appearance. Products must be handled with care to preserve the natural ingrained look.

Be sure to manage your dinnerware responsibility for long-lasting usage.

When removing your dinner plate from the microwave, please handle it with caution and use safety tools as all ceramics may become warm to the touch when heated.

We do not recommend placing your products on a direct heat source.

When removing your dinner plate from the microwave or oven please handle it with caution as ceramics can get extra hot when heated.

Now that we’ve covered all the steps to help you care for your ceramics properly, it’s time to entertain your guests with the colorful world of Euro Ceramica.

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