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“We all have memories of holidays growing up and I think Winterfest touches on the images that we think of when we look back,” the designer explains.

Winterfest: Nostalgic Holiday Memories

From the designing board to the dinner table, Winterfest retells warm and reminiscent moments that we enjoy best about the holiday season.

As a young child, Warren Maass, American designer and photographer, always admired the holidays at his house. His family valued traditions and decorations as it got everyone into the holiday spirit.

He vividly remembers his family’s traditions: preparing the holiday cookies, building gingerbread houses, and decorating the tree with endless Christmas ornaments. 

A ritual that followed him up into his adulthood was bringing out the special holiday dining plates.

“I love the idea of having a traditional holiday dinnerware collection. Growing up, when the holiday dishes came out, that meant Christmas was near. I look forward to seeing all my friends and family come over and have a feast with a classic holiday spread,” Masses explained.

Ignited by his passion for Christmas, Warren decided to come up with a concept for a collection inspired by his take on holiday traditions. Winterfest samples nostalgic images from the designer’s childhood – using festive mix-and-match patterns such as gingerbread men, snowmen, reindeer, snowflakes, and of course, Christmas trees.

Each piece is handcrafted with patterns that use the stamp technique for each design. Maass decided that white and red would reflect the significant colors of Christmas.

An Essential Part of Holiday Gatherings

“I hope people will enjoy setting the table with Winterfest as it will become a essential piece for the holiday gatherings,”

As the designing process took place, Warren envisioned creating a long-lasting collection for the holidays. Winterfest is made from stoneware which is the most durable type of material for a dinnerware set.

Winterfest is also ideal to use from the microwave oven to the dishwasher (even the freezer), which makes the clean up process a lot easier.

As the story of Winterfest continues to travel from home to home this holiday season, Maass hopes to leave a continuing impression on every individual.

He wishes to continue to spread the message of togetherness and traditions as people set their tables with Winterfest. It is a collection that appeals to our longing for simpler times–feeding those nostalgic memories. 

Winterfest comes in a 16-piece dinnerware set that serves 4. Complete the collection with the Winterfest accessories and serveware too!


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